march 9 2012


Welcome, friends, to this belated but heartfelt March 9, 2012. It’s taken me nearly two years to put this together, and I apologize to anyone who was waiting all this time, especially the 12 people who contributed their words, images and in one case, voice to the project. It had more to do with me caving to the pressure of having to create something new and different each year rather than straight laziness. You see, I still have certain ambitions for this project, although this time around, those ambitions threatened to kill off the whole thing. But it didn’t die, and here we are, sharing each other’s brain space.

The trick this time was, I learned the wonders of delegating work. Yes, I can be in two or three places at the same time if I can convince others to do the work for me. A breakthrough. I’ll be unstoppable now.

So hopefully, March 9 will carry on, 18 years after some friends and I first dreamed it up in a North Oakland living room. In fact, as I grow older, this and other projects like it have become ever more important, if not crucial to me. They’re my ways of fighting corrosion, of pushing back time. Creating and building, they may be one of the handful of activities in this life that hold any lasting meaning at all, I’ve learned. So to all who have contributed to March 9 and to those who may contribute in the years to come, thank you.

~ Jack Chang






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